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Client Case Management System

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we simplify the complex

we simplify the complex

Secure Solutions

High security web environment that matches and exceeds compliance across global standards

Data Integration

Exchange information across multiple legacy platforms quickly and efficiently, no matter how large and complex

Connect with Ease

Securely operate anytime, anywhere and in real time with complete control and confidence across an enterprise

Cloud Hosting

ConektUp can be hosted by Conekter in an IRAP compliant environment or in your own environment

Ease of Reporting

ConektUp provides three reporting levels for fast, accurate and configurable reporting

Mobile Solutions

ConektUp works out of the box for any device including tablets, iPad and equivalent and smart phones

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we ConektUp the dots


We care about data because it can be used to empower people and businesses to grow. While data on its own can seem complex and forbidding, if it is structured, and operates in real time, it becomes a powerhouse of knowledge that can drive your outcomes and put you in control of your business to empower innovation.


Conekter is an organisation that is totally focussed on helping you achieve your aims. Busy people need simple solutions to highly complex needs, to collaborate across current silos and to stop doing unnecessarily “busy” work. Those advantages can never be achieved if nobody is listening. So we listen and partner with a solution that is about you and not about us.


Conekter is a knowledge organisation bringing people and data together creating knowledge for better outcomes. Technology is there to make life better, not as a place to store big blobs of data for recall. So we are always thinking about how to make your business better by giving you the power to create knowledge that empowers.


Sharing and collaborating on the right information at the right time enables us to be productive, capable and powerful. While the Web seems to be a great place to do that, security, privacy, compliance and consent often stifle wonderful ideas. For this reason, Conekter strives to provide the most interactive and secure system available to dispel the myths and meet world best standards.

What sets Conekter apart?

Since 2006, Conekter has been helping organisations simplify the complex by connecting information from antiquated legacy systems and bringing it to a central point of truth, that is intuitive and easy to use. Conekter has been securely providing, the right information, to the right people, at the right time. We do it by providing a highly configurable web based software solution that is easy to learn. We are able to get clients up and running in weeks, not months without any need for onerous ongoing consulting.

How long will it take?

ConektUp can be available to you in less than a week. Depending on your choices ConektUp can be fully operational in that time or require a planned roll out. During any extended roll out period you will have a Conekter Project Manager and Account Manager assist you to create a timeline and milestones

How often is it updated?

ConektUp is updated once per month. If you are an enterprise Client, the system can be upgraded as per your specification. There is no down time with upgrades as they can occur in real time.

Conekter products


CaseSmart is a flexible, configurable, cloud-based client case-management system which ‘simplifies the complex’, by quickly and easily connecting the right information to the right people at the right time, helping organisations succeed with helping those in need.

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ConektUp is for SMEs, Not-for-Profits and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) that require a comprehensive end-to-end business solution that can handle all facets of client, case, team and group management, intake, triage, in/outbound referrals, finance, reporting, multiple workflow and services configurations, data integration and security with the flexibility to be configured in anyway an organisation requires.

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Conekter is an enterprise solution for government and larger organisations, NGOs and Not-for-Profits requiring custom solutions to complex needs. At Conekter we can tailor a comprehensive end-to-end business solution that can handle all facets of client, case, team and group management, intake, triage, in/outbound referrals, finance, reporting, multiple workflow and service configurations, external 3rd party agencies, live two-way data integration with legacy systems and a full suite of data security options, role and user-based access to information. Improve Health and Welfare outcomes by spending less time on administration and more time on caring for those in need.

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