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Client Case Management System

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Your Client Case & Care Management solution

Finally, a powerful and simple solution you can afford!
ConektUp gives you the power and flexibility to run your organisation your way, to help you better achieve what really matters, improving the lives of others.


ConektUp helping those who help others!
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ConektUp is for SMEs, Not-for-Profits and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) that require a comprehensive end-to-end business solution that can handle all facets of client, case, team and group management, intake, triage, in/outbound referrals, finance, reporting, multiple workflow and services configurations, data integration and security with the flexibility to be configured in anyway an organisation requires.

At its core, ConektUp is a flexible, configurable, cloud-based client case-management system which ‘simplifies the complex’, by quickly and easily connecting the right information to the right people at the right time, helping organisations succeed with helping those in need.

User Management

Provide every user and team their own way of working with clients.

Create users and teams at any level and attach them to the clients, services, workflows and tasks they need to see. Each user and team will only have access to the tools and client information relevant to the roles and permissions you have assigned them. This provides a streamlined view for every user creating efficiency, controlling privacy and allowing them to focus on providing better outcomes for their clients.

• Add users, teams and roles
• Attach one client to multiple users
• Customise fields, tools, views for each user or team

Client Intake & Triage

Multiple pathways for clients to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Client data can be automatically entered via webforms directly into the system, it can have consent protocols, be de-identified if needed for privacy, entered in from electronic referrals or manually at reception. Clients can be automatically allocated to specific staff or teams or be held in a waiting area to be processed by administrators for vetting and triage to occur. Calendar reminders, alerts and notifications can be automatically created and all intake pathways can have individual privacy settings and security protocols set up, ensuring that only the right information goes to the right people at the right time.

• Client Entry Designer
• Consent Engine
• Client Notes
• Intake via Webforms
• Client Documents
• OH&S Warnings

Custom Workflow

Have Automated Workflows do the manual labour for you.

Build your own powerful, automated Workflows for every aspect a user or team may need, ensuring they only see the information and tools required to complete their tasks. This means users just follow the process you create therefore virtually eliminating training. Tasks become automated, simple and consistent, removing duplication and clerical errors, greatly improving efficiency and accuracy of data.

• Automate Tasks, Alerts, Notifications
• Virtually Eliminate Training
• Remove Duplication

Client and Agency Portal

Advanced communication pathways.

With Client Portal, clients have access to their information anywhere, anytime. They can see their accounts, fill in forms and send SMS messages that automatically update their records and notify approved carers.

The Agency Portal allows trusted 3rd party agencies to securely access and interact with client’s information, invoices, outcome-based Care Plans, forms and more!

Finally, a unified place for sharing the care of clients across clinicians, carers, different services, and 3rd party agencies to ensure they are all working together for the wellbeing of the client, creating a client centred point of truth.

Outcome Based Care Plans

Improve Health and Welfare outcomes by spending less time on administration and more time on caring for those in need.

Outcome Based Care Plans create an automated process of tracking client information, notes, user tasks, goals, actions, and trend lines which can be shared across clinicians and teams. Clients can be assigned to multiple care providers ensuring positive outcomes are being achieved and helping organisations focus on putting the client’s wellbeing at the centre of what is important.


Get the information you need to move your organisation forward and improve the outcomes of your clients.

With dozens of built-in reports and the option to easily create virtually any other reporting requirement ConektUp allows you to have detailed visibility over all your operations, organisational goals, track users’ activity and progress, measure outcomes for clients and provide better care for those in need.

• Desktop Reports
• Service Reports
• Referral Reports
• All Fields Data Report
• User Reports
• SmartForm Reports

Custom SmartForms

Enter the right data, in the right way, once only to get the right outcomes for your organisation.

SmartForms are a flexible and powerful way to collect data, remove duplication and clerical errors, greatly reducing data entry time while improving consistency and accuracy of information. ConektUp SmartForms can be configured by your organisation to trigger various automations, tasks, reports, actions and alerts. All data can be replicated into any other field within the system, therefore never having to fill in the same information twice, creating efficiencies such as being alerted when you need to review information, one form filling in another form automatically, forms that create outcomes, sharing forms and information across teams.

Data Security

Control all information,
at any access level.

ConektUp is a high security web environment that matches and exceeds compliance across both local and global standards. We have been used by education institutions, Victoria Police, Tasmanian Government and many other community services and Not-for-Profits to ensure privacy and protect client and organisational information.

• All Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
• Role-based security.

ConektUp is an Australian owned and operated company with all data held here in Australia

Data Protocols

ConektUp has some of the highest standards of data security protocols in Australia! We maintain Government grade security compliance to IRAP standard, comply with Victoria Police CLEDS security protocols and meet the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Permission, Access, Reports

Permissions and access> can be assigned by user, role or teams during which the system logs every action by every user, creating a fully reportable audit trail ensuring the highest standards of security to help organisations meet their privacy and risk.

Configurable data Security

ConektUp has configurable privacy and consent algorithms that can automate access to any data at any level to be aligned to your organisational requirements.

Government Grade Security

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) is an Australian Signals Directorate initiative to provide high-quality information and communications technology security assessment services to government. IRAP is a standard for government compliance for policing and terrorist grade information.

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