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Client Case Management System

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Conekter helping those that help others

Save money, save time and save lives with a powerful, simple, client intake, case management solution that you can afford and customise to your needs.

Conekter is a highly flexible, configurable, cloud-based case-management system which ‘simplifies the complex’, by quickly and easily connecting the right information to the right people at the right time, helping organisations succeed with helping those in need.

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Smart, Simple, Powerful, Flexible

Save time with a comprehensive information management system encompassing, Case management, automated workflows, custom smart forms, reports, user defined fields, time and event-based action triggers, alerts, tasks, outcome tracking, billing, funding, scheduling, government grade security, configurable privacy algorithm and more. Conekter provides a fast, powerful, yet simple solution for the health, welfare, and not-for-profit sector, greatly increasing efficiency, security, information and workflow to help you better achieve what matters, improving the lives of others.

Integrate any data, from anywhere, anyhow

Conekter allows you to use any data, from any source, in any way you want, then simply configure it exactly the way you like, to best help you in the way you want. This provides you with a solution to one of the greatest challengers of, how do you implement a new software system, with all its features and benefits but alleviate the stress of “Change management.” Well with Conekter there is no need to clean or move data, manual transfer or create new data locations or change everybody over to a new system all at once, as Conekter can integrate with your current data in both directions – Read and Write – meaning, you can take advantage of the new system while simultaneously using the old one, allowing you to change at your pace.

All your information in one place

Conekter provides a simple solution for centralising all information from any location or source to a single point of truth, streamlining processors, removing duplication and enhancing collaboration, and with configurable reporting, Conekter helps prove your impact for continuous funding and donation support.

Measurable Outcomes

See how Conekter helped the Tasmanian Deparatment of Communities achieve Improvements in physical and psychosocial wellbeing for vulnerable Tasmanians by 30.43%..

Working Together, Police call outs reduced by 64%

Police and Community Triage Progam

“We have found the Conekter team great to work with and very focused on project and client outcomes. Implementation of their technology has been easy to deploy within Dialog’s professional service model.”

Brian Fitzpatrick

Principal Account Executive

"The availability of configurable, secured, integrated interfaces and configurable user interface made the establishment of this evolving capability straight forward and required only minimal training for the Telstra Health technical staff."

Stephen Haddy

General Manager Technology Strategy

"We are constantly amazed at their ability to quickly and easily adapt their solution to the exact needs of their client. The innovative methodology that they employ shows their depth of experience and simply the intuitive nature of their solution."

Brendan Bourke

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