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Client Case Management System

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We offer innovations that help to ConektUp the dots of reaching your goals

Meeting Your Needs

It allows you to quickly and simply define even highly complex work in real time and create a workflow that suits you

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Connect with ease

Securely operate anytime, anywhere and in real time with complete control and confidence across an enterprise

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ConektUp is a high security web environment that matches and exceeds compliance across global standards

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Advanced secure cloud hosting

ConektUp can be hosted by Conekter in an IRAP compliant environment or in your own environment

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Data integration

Exchange information across multiple legacy platforms quickly and efficiently, no matter how large and complex

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ConektUp provides three reporting levels for fast, accurate and configurable reporting

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Mobile solutions

ConektUp works out of the box for any device including tablets, iPad and equivalent and smart phones

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Legacy data

Import complex data that include fast data migration, validation automation and data merging

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real time upgrades

We keep your user experience the same and you can take tool upgrades when you need them in real time

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Speed of deployment

Using our effective and efficient workshop process, we work with you using our “Train, Build, Implement and Deliver” program

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Increased Governance

ConektUp uses a workflow process which ensures that staff follow only those workflows assigned to them

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Take control of the software

We teach you how to configure every part of the system leaving you in charge

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software checklist

We have provided this software checklist as a benchmark or as a basis for comparison

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