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Exchange information across multiple legacy platforms quickly and efficiently no matter how large and complex

ConektUp contains a propriety Integration Technology called Conekter ConektLink.

ConektLink brings an advanced Integration platform right into your ConektUp Web Interface allowing your organisation to exchange information across multiple legacy platforms quickly and efficiently no matter how large and complex. Using simple Web Based tools ConektUp has been used as a platform to manage data across multiple national databases.

ConektLink can take account of all fields and formats out of the box and automates data handling even when fields are added and edited in ConektUp. The fast and flexible interface even gives secure access in the most complex integrations

ConektLink has three components:

1) ConektLink API provides advanced API data management across legacy systems via a simple to use web interface to manage your control (including dynamic form fields) that can push and pull data from legacy systems. These APIs them become available in your system to manage the data flow.

2) ConektLink Developer Page Builder allows developers to derive fast calls to and from both ConektUp and legacy systems securely where ConektUp provides the scripts for your tasks. Data can then be visualised via other web pages (even cross browser) and all security is managed automatically to the highest compliance levels and your preferred data format is selectable, including XML, FHIR, JQuery, HTML and more.

3) ConektLinkEXP (Exchange Platform) is a platform technology that uses ConektLink Adaptors and ConektLink Orchestrator for advanced data exchange across multiple systems. They provide a rich set of technologies to exchange data with difficult data systems across secure networks to easily visualise, manage and control data across complex environments.

  • Create Adaptors are Technology models for interfacing with large legacy systems with or without APIs. Adaptors use rich technology functions to quickly model data so that ConektUp can “see” and “understand” the data and securely manage it via its web tools.
  • ConektLink Orchestrator is a web interface that allows you to create web forms and data views linked to the Adaptors. Users can create SmartForms and link multiple legacy systems at field level so that data can come from one system and be transferred to multiple systems with no understanding of the technology behind their actions. The Adaptors have all the intelligence to understand how to deal with the data and the outcome is seamless to the Integrator… simply pick the legacy system, pick the field and decide if you want to push and/or pull from any attached system and the action takes place.

Third Party organisations can securely call data using the ConektLink API which will translate and send data as required. Because ConektUp allows the ability to add and deploy fields, the ConektLink API automatically maintains the API so there is no disruption.

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