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Legacy Data

We can handle and hold the most complex data imaginable

Your data may be lying on various systems, in the most heterogeneous format, stored in different structures, across different locations, used and accessed by a multi-level user hierarchy. The rising data size in the legacy system is also a major concern, as it not only adds to legacy data but also to the costs of maintaining the systems and managing the data. The legacy systems holding such data are also not equipped with the capacity to integrate with today’s needs of data extraction and harvesting. Legacy systems do not “talk” to other systems efficiently and without adding a burdened cost factor for such inter-system “conversation”.

Your data is important to you, and hence it is important for us.

ConektUp has been used to hold the most complex data imaginable. Through experience, we have developed online tools for the import of complex data that includes, fast integration & data migration, data validation, process automation and data merging. The import tools can create fields in ConektUp in real time, so no data set is too complex.

We can ConektUp all your data sitting on Legacy systems and efficiently manage it through to Conekter, so that maintenance and management of legacy data is easy for you. This will enable you to not only take the great step forward with newly created data but also reach back to your legacy data which now resides in the newer format.

ConektUp your legacy data.

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