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Client Case Management System

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Fast, accurate and configurable reporting

ConektUp provides three reporting levels for fast, accurate and configurable reporting:

Dashboard Reports

Dashboard reports are a large series of feature rich reports where algorithms pass data to your screen in real time. This includes reports for teams, individuals, agencies and organisations as well as drill down reports and complex reports to field level. The system accounts for every field you add and automatically extends your reporting.

Service Reports Builder

A tool for building advanced reports for complex government based and enterprise needs, SRB gives you fast and simple to use online tools to define detailed interactions with data elements and to create real time reports with a full history.

Data Views

Data Views allow the user to define complex data sets and to display that data in real time for a variety of purposes:

  • A page view for displaying single client/case data on a configurable and printable web page
  • An export facility for defining data to export any data type
  • A form view for sending or giving access from pre-set situations (e.g. for Doctor referrals or third part data access)

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