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We simplify complexity intuitively, with the highest security, that is easy to learn and easy to use

ConektUp Enterprise

ConektUp Enterprise is the future of government/enterprise data modelling & collaboration, where there are large workforces and complex business needs. It is a hugely powerful end-to-end web solution for organisations requiring, significant integration, automation, business modelling, fast & easy to design workflow, to connect users globally or nationally across multi-disciplinary care or with a strong need for complex process definition and data security.

ConektUp Enterprise is the foundation platform for every Conekter product and its power can be added to any product in the Conekter range to extend its capability, when an organisation needs the ultimate secure end-to-end technologies, for information management and knowledge control on any device.

Users of ConektUp Enterprise will enjoy the addition of services relating to large projects such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management, with a highly scalable, robust and secure online application.

ConektUp Enterprise is compliant with government departments, corporate enterprise and organisations such as Victoria Police. It can also act as an interface to existing legacy systems to expedite positive outcomes, without the need for total organisational change and can integrate with legacy systems to securely bring the right information to the right people at the right time.

We simplify complexity intuitively, with the highest available security, that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Intake Management

Quickly define an end-to-end intake process from, electronic referrals, initial assessment, allocation to a team and/or clinician within a system that is fully configurable, fast, focused and includes clever automation for decisions. Any data can be defined, held and waitlists managed. It means that administration costs reduce significantly and you get control of your organisation’s transactions and processes.

Smart Forms

Imagine never having to fill in the same form or field more than once, being alerted when you need to review information, one form filling in another form, a form that creates outcomes, fills in notes or a form that populates legacy systems! What if you could create your own forms or select and edit from a range of forms specific to your industry and have them online in minutes, including all the above features and more? It really is that easy..

Smart Forms, are clever online forms which STOP the continual demand for completing information the software already has collected. They can be shared amongst team members with online collaboration and reports are generated automatically.

Powerful Real Time Reporting

ConektUp reporting is in real time and fast. From Desktop reporting of staff performance through to Report Managers that allow you to devise Government based reporting in real time. You get all the tools you need to understand your organisation any time you like. Each ConektUp product comes with pre-set reports for the industry that can be changed in minutes to accommodate new rules and government compliance.

You can create your own reports too with online tools that automate your reporting process.

ConektUp reporting suite covers, desktop range reporting, board reporting, compliance reporting, mandatory Government reports, financial reporting, operational reporting, demographic and performance reporting. This ensures that the organisation’s executives can monitor and manage the performance of their organisation.

Links all Stakeholders

Every link to a client/incident/data, including referrers, clinicians, practitioners, ancillary staff, neighbours, friends and family. In fact, anyone that has a role to play can be entered or automatically included in the Associations view. This view provides a visual image of the people and objects associated with your records as well as the ability to search for broader linkages across the system. For example, perpetrators that exist within other records or dog breeders with a history of non-compliance.

Front Desk Management and Control Tools

ConektUp FrontDesk is a powerhouse of tools that help you keep complete control of your organisation. Each of the tools can be assigned to your staff appropriately so they can manage areas that are part of their role.

In FrontDesk you will find a rich set of tools including Appointment Manager, Bookings, Financial Manager, service controls, SmartForm Manager, Field Designer, User Manager, Team Manager, Report Builder, Data Designer, Group Manager, Workflow Designer, Agency Manager, Compliance Manager, System Tools, System Administrators, Call Centre Operators, Team Managers, Group Meetings, Rostering and Asset Manager and many more. You only add what you need and give user access when needed. That way, training is light and responsibility is clear.

ConektUp Workflows

Tired of learning how a new system works? All those change management meetings to explain a complex interface, waiting months for an IT company to provide a simple button?

What if you could control every aspect of staff, team and management tasks by using clever workflows that create an interface that just makes sense. Staff members can focus on the tools they need, managers can define best practice and ensure work is complete full reporting is assured.

ConektUp Workflows bring together a rich set of clever workflow tools for industry verticals that you can use, edit and even create your own in minutes. This allows users to wiz around the ConektUp with virtually no training.

Workflows are designed to be fast to implement and simple to use. In minutes, you can set up complex processes with decision making capacity and automation and all of this can be created and operational in minutes without a call to an IT team.

The ConektUp workflow system brings an extensive range of purpose built tools so that you can design best practice, ensuring that staff training is virtually eliminated. You can maintain operation efficiency and cut costs dramatically. ConektUp already has a range of ready Industry Workflows for your selection to use or edit. You can create your own or we can make them for you.

Shared Care Plans and Information

ConektUp allows users to create outcome based care plans and to share those plans as well as client information (subject to consent) across users or teams in your organisation along with trusted practitioners in other organisations.

It can be used as a powerful outcome based record management with the ability to apply people and team to parts or all of a shared care plan or a particular outcome. Each outcome can have Team Tasks, date setting, alerts, funding and budgets and goal setting requirements.

Complete Clinical Workflow

Any information can be captured, including documents, videos, images, notes, emails, SMS, forms, fields and more to provide a rich set of reportable data tools to keep you in control. All this client data is kept, logged, comments can be recorded against each item, funding can be attributed and users can add expenses.

Automated processing and decision making

ConektUp reduces your workload and allows you to maintain best practice, automating both the mundane and the critical. From automated alerting based upon a response to a critical field in a form, waitlist overruns, client allocations and action alerts through to Workflow Smart Forms that make decisions with and for your team. ConektUp will lower your administration and operational costs.

NDIS Compliance

ConektUp provides a complete and accurate history of transactions and compliance for NDIS clients and providers. The software covers service management, client access to information, client funding, agency control, rostering, available balances, client purchase history, service banks right through to purchase orders, fee management, referral and funds management and integration.

Alerts and Notifications

From relevant automated and critical alerts, ConektUp can create notifications for future events, system messaging, reminders, occupational, health & safety alerts, online chat and client specific alerts, ConektUp keeps you informed and maintains vital communication across your teams.

Privacy, Security and Consent Assured

ConektUp contains configurable privacy algorithms directly related to legislative requirements, consent management and security settings aligned to the highest global standards, this means that your client information is fully secure. Contact us or see our Innovations area for more detail.

ConektLink Integration

A best in Industry solution for data integration using our ConektLink toolkit including interfacing to multiple legacy systems without the pain of development or lengthy integration projects. Contact us or see our Innovations area for more detail.

Robust and Scalable

No matter if you have one worker or a million clients and thousands of staff, ConektUp can manage the environment.

From the ground up ConektUp is robust at any size and was built from the ground up to be highly scalable so it can grow with you with the ability to be expanded in real time.

The software has been deployed for State and Federal Government Departments, Not for Profit NGOs, Primary Health Networks, Community Health, Insurance companies, police and others who have highly complex and diverse needs and mandate high availability.

Referral Management

ConektUp manages the referrals process both, inward and outward, via fax, secure email, portal access, direct electronic input and via secure messaging. This means your organisation can track and report on every client and every referral action in real-time.

ConektUp can also share data across other ConektUp organisations where user information can be selectively linked and demographic data always up to date.

Staff Teams and Management

Create your teams at any level. Attach them to the services and workflows and tasks they have permission to complete. All users will only have access to the processing flows and client information relevant to the roles and permissions you have assigned to each of them. This protects client data ensuring that you comply with all appropriate privacy legislation.

Staff can also have any field created or attributed to their documents so you can create a full picture of your team.

Location and Asset Management

Include all your locations, facilities and assets and then utilise them via the Asset Management module (e.g. reserve a vehicle, book a room for an appointment, provide bed management or make a group booking at a venue).


Education sessions can be conducted using the Groups function. This could a session conducted by a third-party expert (e.g. drugs and alcohol, sporting diets).  Attendance is recorded plus the ability to record notes about each attendee.

Multi-tiered Federated model with agency to agency access

Large organisations can have a business model wherein they retain total control but link external agencies and third party suppliers into the system.  Clients are then processed via both the agency and your organisation.  This federated model gives desktop reporting across the whole operational spectrum. Contact us or see the Innovations area for more information.

O H & S Client Warnings to lower risks to staff

ConektUp provides a warning system wherein messages can be added and linked to a traffic light coloured code (Red, Orange, Green) outlining potential dangers or issues to your staff or about the client.  Examples could be to warn about some dangers at the clients premises or that the client has a medical allergy.

Security set to the highest Australian standards

Commission of Law Enforcement (CLEDS), IRAP PROTECTED and OWSAT 3.0 compliance maintained with full audit trails and security process.  Contact us or see the Innovations area for more information. Contact us or see the Innovations area for more information.

Organisation wide Application including third party access Portals

Multiple portals to allow both ConektUp Portals for various user types (with configurable UI) and configurable information access and tool access allowing any user role to be accommodated.

Powerful Configuration

ConektUp provides a flexible and totally configurable toolkit for any type of data management and system control both within the software and across multiple organisations, geographies and legacy systems from a single interface. Contact us or see the Innovations area for more information.

Single Sign on

Single Sign on integration to multiple systems out of the box including Active Directory. Contact us or see the Innovations area for more information.

Agency Management

The Agency Management system was designed to manage all agencies, referrers and suppliers.  An agency portal provides limited access for third parties to client records subject to their security settings.  The system includes an Agency Compliance Manager module which has functions covering task creation, breach reports and user management.

Data Segmentation and Proliferation

Any field, form, role or workflow can be added for any purpose and the relevant data segmented to field level for permission, access and modification with interfaces that automatically provide the relevant user experience.

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