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Client Case Management System

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A few things people are curious to know about us

How long will it take?

Dependent on the complexity and scale of your organisation’s activities, ConektUp can be available to you in less than a fortnight. Subject to your choices, ConektUp can be fully operational in that time or require a planned roll out for larger organisations with multiple services delivered. During any implementation – large or small – you will have the support of a Conekter Project Manager and Account Manager assisting you to create a timeline and milestones.

Who needs to be involved?

We need to make sure your system is exactly right for you, and train you to know how to change it in the future. The best people to know these things will be:

  • A Project Manager from your team
  • A Program Manager or high-level user
  • A Financial Manager (only if you are using the Funding and Financial module)
  • A Report Manager
  • An IT Manager (only if you are hosting in your environment)
Are we able to set this up ourselves?

While you can host ConektUP, you will need the expert help in installing and setting the system up. Once the system is online however, you will have full autonomy in creating, editing and managing all of your content from fields, to workflows to smart forms.

How many people can use it?

As many people as you are licenced for can use ConektUp. The system can scale to millions of Clients and millions of users.

Can our clients access their information?

Yes. ConektUp has a number of access points including a full client portal, and only information specified by you is available.

How often is it updated?

ConektUp is updated once per month. If you are an enterprise Client, the system can be upgraded as per your specification. There is no down time with upgrades as they can occur in real time.

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